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SEO Training

We offer the most advanced search engine optimization (SEO) training courses in Manila, Cebu, Davao, Bacolod and other places upon request. You can select a 3 day “Standard SEO” training or a day-and-a-half “Advanced” certification SEO training with certification all in one course. Each class offers a distinctive educational topic, but taken in each classification; the standard search engine optimization (SEO) training course for advanced training is compulsory for the “Advanced” training and SEO certification.

Standard SEO training

Our standard SEO training offers the fundamental SEO, practical Internet marketing information, with tried and proven methods and theoretical analysis – including professional insights of other Internet marketing methods, learn how it works within Conversion Rate Optimisation SEO (CRO). This is one of the best SEO courses in effective Internet marketing, a great course for IT personnel, SEO marketers, website owners and managers, and everyone who is responsible for the daily organic traffic in a company. JNB Web Promotion SEO classroom training will teach you how to use the SEO tools you need for the best SEO strategy.

Cost for Standard SEO training course: Upon request
*Special discounts can apply

Advanced SEO training

Our “Advanced” search engine optimization (SEO) training courses, is optional for those who like to learn more about a sophisticated insight into the Internet marketing practice, SEO technology and “back-end”. Are you interested to be a “super-user” of SEO Tools? JNB Web Promotion SEO training is for everyone who need an SEO certification for his job after finishing the classroom SEO training tests.
Our SEO certification consists of 2 SEO classes, a combination of standard (basic) and advanced training courses, done within a week period or in a future SEO classroom.

Why SEO certification?

An SEO certification can give you many advantages, joining other networks, a better or new I.T job, more advanced SEO skills in your work.
Our search engine optimization training courses also provide a professional commitment to industry-accepted standards in white hat SEO practices.

Cost for Advanced training course: Upon request
*Special discounts can apply

SEO Seminars

SEO Seminars in Manila, Cebu, Davao, Bacolod and other places upon request, learn how to get TOP rankings in Google, Yahoo and Bing etc. and increase your conversion rate optimization skills, we explain to power of LSI and Silo SEO.

Cost for Advanced SEO Seminars: Upon request
*Special discounts can apply

Our SEO class provides unique benefits: an effective interactive classroom, which covers Q&A; networking, or talk directly to us about your own website and interviews in YouTube video series etc.