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Internet search engine marketing theory

The internet search engine marketing theory for search engine optimization, by pursuing these three simple steps:

ONE… Long-Tail Keyword Research:

Based on your top-line keywords, we cull away a huge variety of long-tail keywords and align them with landing pages on your site. The idea is to find as many long tail keywords as you can and thin down to exact queries that visitors nearer to purchase may be creating. The investigation goes back and forth a couple of times to thin down to the most relevant and exact key words. These could operate into hundreds and the exercise takes around a couple of weeks occasionally. We consider it a really core work and devote a lot of time acquiring this little set up.

TWO… Content Marketing Links:

Once the keywords are recognized, unique articles targeting these keywords is composed and published on C-class IP sites and linked back to the primary website using a number of anchor texts. This strategy replaces traditional link building, with a definite emphasis on quality of articles versus quantity of links. The number of articles links needed per month depends upon the current amount of back-links as well as age your domain. We retain this activity natural and don’t urge overdoing the links each month. We build no more than 25 hyperlinks for a web site using varied viewpoints and topics to build the content.

THREE… landing Page Optimization:

This is done in conjunction with content advertising to ensure that the landing pages are optimized as per the key words that are being targeted. This is completed each month and over a time period all of the pages of the website are completely enhanced. All search engine optimization tags, image attributes and content is reviewed for optimum key word positioning and usage.

We construct all of the above into a very detailed statement, and provide it to you on a month-to-month basis, along with recommendations on what more can be done to target all relevant keywords. The whole action in the above mentioned three measures is quantifiable in this monthly statement. The gist of the record looks like this:

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