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Our Philippine SEO experts had a lot of conversations recently with websites in need of better rankings for keyword + cityname combinations in cities across the country (or around the world). Did you know that is one of the most challenging tasks in the SEO field, for 4 big reasons:

  • Maps Results Bias Against Multi-City Domains

Google’s local/maps results are far more challenging to get into if you’re not a business with a physical local presence. Opening field offices or leveraging local franchises are possibilities, but they take time and effort.

  • Web Results are Getting More Geo-Sensitive Too

The “standard” web results are seeing more and more leanings towards local results, even when the maps/local trigger isn’t in place:

This makes it even harder for single sites with landing pages to get into the results (and honestly, I question whether this is a smart algorithmic move on Google’s part).

  • Earning “Local” Links is Harder for Multi-City Sites

If you live locally, run your business in an area and thus participate in that community, your liklihood of earning links from local businesses and with anchor text that includes your city name increases dramatically. This works against national sites seeking a presence in the local rankings.

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