In the “Social Media Optimization” is about the optimization of social services. SMO is a great way to build links for website for Search Engine Position (SEO) purpose, and to achieve growth in visitor numbers and traffic for website. In social media, is understood as all media activities in which different users together and provide content.

Some examples of social services are:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Blogs
  • Websites with comment function
  • Bookmarking services (, Digg, etc.)

Social Media Optimization

Benefits of Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Optimization

  1. Direct conversation with the user. In SEO, the communication will be with the user via intermediaries. The mediator is the search system. The text control is excluded in this case, since one can hardly affect what text the user sees in the search results. In the case of social media optimization, we turn directly to the user. Above all, it is not a monologue but a dialogue. We offer information to the user. He perceives and shares with us his opinion.
  2. Broadcast effect. An important advantage is the fact that in a properly planned strategy, the end user with the dissemination of information related to them, using all resources is busy. In effect, the number of publications increases for a given topic in geometric progression. One has the opportunity to advertise one for users with interesting information (corporate blog, Blogs, & c. partners). The information continues to spread like an avalanche and the awareness of your information is increasing rapidly.
  3. Double Effect. In the case of SEO, the effect is limited by the fact that the user is directed only to your website. The effect of social media optimization starts even before the visit of the user on your website. Ultimately, the main task of marketing and advertising message to the user and not to bring him to attract to the site. The user receives the message that if he reads a good corporate blog, a viral photo, video or message looks.
  4. Honest relationship with the audience. The users in the social networks are extremely sensitive to any attempts by the disguised advertising. Precisely because of professional public relations is in the social networks of the maximum openness in relations with the audience. The following formula applies: interesting, current information in exchange for their willingness to receive the promotional message.
  5. Interest of the user. Practice shows that in most cases, the visitor spending from the social networks much more time on your website and see much more content to search engines as visitors. This explains the move in the search engine visitors to your web site without prior information. The visitors who are drawn with social media optimization activities on your website come to your site based on good recommendations or thematic link from an interesting content. That is, they already have the initial interest.
  6. Flexibility. There are a number of cases where search engine optimization is not very effective. Therefore, in most cases the application of social media optimization is very effective. A couple examples:With the help of search engine optimization, it is hardly possible to make known artists and musicians. With SMO you can organize fan clubs, disseminate interesting audio files, video clips and photos. In practice, it turns out that it is absolutely true, as artists and musicians to perform their own blog. Many get into the show business one straight from the Internet.
  7. Very diverse tools. SEO in the selection of tools is quite limited. In social media optimization, the situation is quite different. There are a lot tools for social media optimization, and constantly growing in numbers. This results in the next advantage over search engine optimization and social media optimization variability.