Apply for every single product from your online store? The generation of long tail campaigns can be an essential part of the search engine optimization (SEO) or mainly focus in your PPC campaigns.

In this PPC optimization article, we describe what are not longer sufficient – from the smallest common assumed. This could be the common, example is an advertisement for a blockbuster movie; this speaks in the ideal case, the normally broad target group directly. Such a target group, in contrast to “long tail” is then considered as “Short Head”. To get from this “Short Head” to the “Long Tail” must be redefined to be speaking audience. Precisely here lies the challenge of the “Long Tails” because the ideal target group has a size of 1 that would mean an advertisement for a blockbuster movie that would be for each member of the target group of your own campaign, exactly tailored to the particular individual carried out. This sounds great in theory but unworkable in practice.

PPC optimization

If you look on the other side, looks at PPC campaigns. PPC optimization mainly in specific geo location is possible – however, in simplified form. The theory behind this is quite simple: each individual product of an online shop can be applied individually in search engines like Google. It is possible the respective individual needs of a potential customer needs. If one looks now at Google, for example after a certain garden tool, ideally, one obtains a text display which is tailored to this one product. In the best case, are already included in the text display information such as price, availability and shipping costs already.

If the customer can be converted so it can buy the product, the goal is reached. Such then so-called “long tail” campaigns were not only have advantages, because the number of impressions, is the ratio of times ads like this showing is usually far below the level of generic campaigns to “buy safety equipment” with terms such as can be promoted. As a rule of thumb one can say that about 30% of total sales of a clean patch PPC campaign on the “long tail” can be realized. At search engine optimization, still a good Long Tail is always the best pick.