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With the superspeed of the Net, a company’s hard-won reputation can be tarnished in hours. Every day, lies, distortions, smears, and rumors fill the blogs, newsletters, and forums. Search engines looking for fresh content place these postings at the top of their results. There’s no “undo” button, and defensive posts may simply inflame an issue.

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Fully operational since 1998, we monitor and manage your online reputation. The process of monitoring your reputation online involves constant monitoring a list of keywords or key phrases and whenever there is any news that comes up in top ten results on the search engines, we notify you to review the effect of that news on you and your organization, so you can be aware of the exposure you have online and be prepared to take appropriate action. In addition to this, we can also see trends on content that is making its way to the top page of the search engines so you can be aware of information that is progressing towards the top page allowing you to appropriately deal with the content.

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