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When it comes to Philippine SEO, the page Title tag is one of the most important factors, or signals, that the search engines use to determine the relevance and importance of a particular page in relationship to a user’s query. The search engines don’t tell us which factors rate the highest in their algorithm, partly because if they did, it would be much easier to game the system. We can only guess on the importance of factors based on systematic testing or intuition gleaned from prolonged exposure to search engine results pages (SERPs).

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Many search engine optimization experts agree that page Title tags carry particular importance. Earlier this year, JNB Web Promotion hosted a roundtable discussion where they asked industry experts to rate and comment on the importance of many supposed SEO factors. Some factors have been explicitly identified by the search engines in order to help webmasters create stronger Web sites.

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However, the search engines don’t go out of their way to alert the Philippine Internet Marketing Optimization community of the existence of the more subtle signals.
During this roundtable, JNB Web Promotion came up with a list of page factors, and the one that topped them all was “Keyword Use in Title Tag”. This factor was deemed to have more weight than the anchor text of inbound links, the global link popularity of a site, the age of a site and the link popularity within the site. This was surprising to many, as before reading the article, many would have assumed that the PageRank signal was the most important to ranking.

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