Philippine web design should go together with search engine optimization SEO, because only a few pieces of a Web site have to serve as many masters as the site navigation. It has to work site-wide but still be page-level relevant.

It should be search engine optimization friendly and user focused at the same time. With so many factors to take into account, navigation can be a tricky thing to get right. Most navigation is built into the template, meaning that changing one thing changes every page on your Web site. The impact of a minor wrong step in your navigation can mean big problems for your site. The available options for the look and feel of a site’s navigation are nearly limitless. But there are a few principles that you need to keep in mind when embarking on your design.

Determine Structure of Philippine web design SEO

The first thing you must do is determine what your top level pages are. These pages are going to be linked to each other and every other page on your Web site so it is imperative that they are important, appropriate and clearly labeled. What pages will your users need? What pages should the search engines see as the most important on your site? Knowing the major silos of your Web site will help you identify which pages are going to be the most worthwhile for a navigation link and what the anchor text of those links should be.

Use Absolute Links while doing Philippine web design SEO

When you’re writing the HTML for your site template, always use fully-qualified links. Fully-qualified links are links that include “http://” in the target URL. Relative links begin with a slash at the beginning such as /pagename.html, indicating where the page is in relation to the current page. While absolute links are preferred in general, it’s especially imperative that your global navigation is always working with fully-qualified links.

Check for broken links for the better search engine optimization results

Make sure that the links in your global navigation go somewhere. A broken link from your navigation is just asking for zero user confidence, a high abandonment rate and confused search engines. Remember, that 404 error is now a link on every single page of your site. Check your navigation carefully and make sure to correct it anytime you move a page. If your event is time sensitive, like boracay beach resorts which takes place this weekend, test your Web site and have it ready weeks before the event, not days. Search engines and users both need time to get the information.

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