Why Page Titles?

Philosophically, the idea that the page title would be a significant factor in search engine rankings is unimpeachable. For the most part, determining important factors is a matter of experience, hypothesis, testing, inference, and balancing the small nuggets revealed to us by search engine representatives. In this case, we can infer that the Title tag should be important for ranking purposes partly because of its prominence in the engines user interface.

Page titles act as the entry point and advertisement for a site in the SERPs. Therefore, titles have to be written in such a way as to encourage users to click on them. Each of the major search engines, Google, Ask, MSN, and Yahoo, use the page title as the link to follow through to a result.

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Webmasters tend to avoid obviously manipulative titles. Manipulative titles are often confusing. They’re too long to be clear. They contain terms that weren’t in the user’s query. They’re recognized as spam by the sophisticated user familiar with Web and email spam, or other overly aggressive ad copy.

Since the point of attaining rankings is ultimately to get a user to click on your link, there’s a natural tension between manipulating Title tags for ranking improvements, such as keyword stuffing, and achieving adequate click-throughs. This confers the page Title with higher trust than some other possible signals. Compare this visibility to that of the Meta Keywords tag. Because that contains text content that users hardly ever see and is explicitly designed to transmit the purpose of your site to robots, it’s just begging to be gamed.

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