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Below a few more SEO tips to keep in mind about Google Site links:

The following elements also seem to influence whether Google displays
Sitelinks or not: (but there is no clear science or guarantee that
you can get Google sitelinks by following any formula.)

  • Your site needs have a a pretty stable top ranking for the
    searched keyword. Other Web sites coming up in lower spots don’t
    ever seem to be awarded Sitelinks
  • The number of searches and the number of clicks that your website
    gets, for that certain keyword phrase seem to also be an influence
  • The number of links that point to your website with the searched
    keyword as the anchor text seem to influence the creation of Sitelinks
  • Sitelinks only seem to appear for the major primary keyword phrase
    of a website, but not for all keywords
  • If your website meets these criteria Google might assign Sitelinks
    to your website for your most important keywords
  • Sitelinks can be a very nice bonus for search results

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