In the case of search engine marketing Philippines, it’s the Internet system we analyze. More specifically, it is search engines and their view of the Internet that concerns us the most. Every day pages are added, removed and altered from indices of various search engines. Like any other science, we take data extracted by our tools from the Internet, analyze it, and make conclusions based on those observations.

We then proceed to make changes based on those observations, and wait for those changes to have an effect in rankings. After the search engines crawl our site, we begin the process again, first by extracting the newly formed data, comparing it to our existing data, and making conclusions based on our new understanding of how to better optimize a Web page. Like any other science, the greater the pool of data, the better we can understand how the system works and determine how to work with it to our advantage.

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As for JNB Web Promotion SEO marketing company Philippines specifically, search engine optimization is also directly tied in with the observation and management of minute changes within the system. Tweaking is often the term used in this regard. These small changes, when applied correctly, can prove to have vast effects on the system as a whole.

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