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Virtual Reality marketing Philippines

The new marketing is here! Can you imagine putting on a virtual reality headset and joining your favorite social media platform as a highly interactive experience with friends. A new marketing trend before you travel, checking your beach resort or Hotel before you book your holiday? Or viewing a new real estate or design?

Imagine shopping for a new dining table by picking up your phone and seeing the table in your dining room, as though you’re taking a video of it right before your eyes.

Sound a little like the holodeck in “Star Trek”? Yes, but this may not be science fiction in the near future.

The opportunity to engage with one another, see new places and reach a mass audience will create opportunities to shop with a confidence never before available from the comfort of your home. This is what’s available through virtual reality, the newest form of marketing.

Creative digital marketing strategies will usher brands into the virtual reality realm. Read on for an idea of:

What virtual reality is and the ways people are connecting to VR today.
The opportunities VR opens to marketers. Why VR in social media, gaming, and commerce may be the catalyst for mass adoption.
With the virtual reality sector forecast to hit $162 billion by 2020 — up from $5.2 billion in 2016, these opportunities are not that far off.

What Is Virtual Reality?
There can be some confusion about what virtual reality is. What does VR actually do? How does it work? What am I going to look like with that headset on my face?

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Let’s first get clear on the definition of virtual reality (VR). When we talk about VR, we’re talking about a computer-generated simulation of a 3D environment you can interact with using special equipment like goggles with a screen and sensors you hold in your hands.