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Is Panda or Penguin Destroying Your Website?

“Overwhelmed and Afraid About what Panda and Penguin Will Do With YourRankings plus Traffic?”

“Discover What  The SEO Professionals Know – Maintain or Take Back Your Rankings and Traffic While The Competitors Fall in Panic, Not Knowing What Hit Them!”
Algorithms are complex formulas that the search engines use to discover where sites should rank within the position in search results pages (SERPs). There are multiple factors considered inside the algorithms. Rather than trying to help you become a techno-geek, let me just break this down simply for you.

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You want top rankings. You don’t want to be punished by Panda or Penguin and you want some assurance that your site is going to do well long term.

Getting ranked in the engines has a long effort BUT with Google’s introduction of Panda and Penguin – it’s become like navigating a landmine. You simply can’t over-optimize, you simply can’t under-optimize. Everything you did years ago that was Fine then could possibly be returning to hurt you now. It’s really a volatile climate at this time and the sites that are hurt by Panda and Penguin ‘re feeling the problems – lost rankings and traffic – which suggests lost sales.

There is a solution. An in-depth review of your foundational on-page optimization and links might help quickly catch issues and try to get them fixed. Whether you’ve lost rankings and require to get them back or maybe you would like to protect what you have – you need to be sure that your website is up to date AND aggressive in its optimization.

Your foundation is essential to your future success and with all the recent changes, it’s become extremely essential that you understand it properly. For just a minute, let’s go back to the days of enjoying toy pieces. Do you remember trying to build something and saw how high you can also make it? Without a firm base your structure would fall quickly.

Did you ever make an effort to construct a house of cards? Your strategy as the house grew more complicated was very important – but none of this mattered without having a firm base.

That is what we have been talking about here – creating a solid foundation to develop your own engine search positions on.

Now, think about the foundation of a house – you’d probably never invest in a house because of the basic foundation – it’s the look and feel of the house that sells it. However you may not buy a house as a result of basic foundation – if it wasn’t solid. Because when you think it over you realize the foundation Is definitely vitally important.

The foundation of an SEO campaign is often overlooked, not talked about, not understood – simply flat out ignored.

For getting top rankings and have long term SEO success, you only need to cannot disregard the foundation of your campaign. This includes on-page optimization AND links.

To make sure you have a solid SEO foundation and also to determine whether you have any problems links that could possibly be hurting you with Google, you need an SEO Review along with a Link Review – because without one you are traveling blind. You do not know if your site has got the proper foundation and you don’t know if you can actually make use of SEO (most SEO Firms don’t explain to you this – however, not everyone benefits from SEO!) therefore you don’t know if you are making the Panda and Penguin unhappy.

Before you do what’s required else you should find out:

Is the site making the most recognized mistake many sites make? (Hint: Size does matter)
Are you currently losing rankings and traffic as a result of simple issues that could be corrected?

Are you missing an important element which could boost your rankings?
The reality regarding the foundation within your site and what it means for your SEO success… or disappointment!
A realistic look at your link profile and what you’re able to do to fix it (in addition to advice about to proceed with links down the road)
We are offering an extensive SEO review and/or Link Audit to provide you with the answers you need. This is not a desktop produced standard report. A real live SEO specialist will review your site and/or links therefore we send to you a custom detailed list of the foundation within your site.

The actual SEO Review will:

Identify all the SEO problems within the basis of your site – combined with the solutions to the issues.
Help you determine if you might be a candidate for any successful SEO campaign – which means we will tell you if you can realistically be expected real results.
What traffic you can expect to take advantage of with an SEO campaign.
Examine your marketing basic foundation – we are going to identify the biggest marketing mistake your website is making and provide you with a strategy.

The Link review will:

Define your link profile and refer to all the problem areas.
Make suggestions in correcting any problems determined.
Give solid suggestions about link building moving forward.

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