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The Growth of Web Marketing Industries

I’m always showing an interest to see the way the field of web marketing is evolving as time passes and what skills, tactics, and also practices are receiving particular attention. A great way I monitor this really is to check at results from numerous sites using a semi-annual basis, such as:

This method is by no means scientific or precise (and unfortunately, I’ve not been specific about it to currently have great trend statistics yet), however it often does demonstrate trends that match with practical sense, and therefore get some good, possibly false, confidence. When a number of these data sources tie in with, I’m likely to think that a pattern has emerged, and it can be compelling evidence for investors or professionals, too.

Social Media Marketing

  • LinkedIn US: 938,951
  • LinkedIn World: 1,782,232

Content Marketing

  • LinkedIn US: 30,145
  • LinkedIn World: 54,100

Content Strategy

  • LinkedIn US: 74,839
  • LinkedIn World: 127,132

Inbound Marketing

  • LinkedIn US: 14,852
  • LinkedIn World: 27,762

Web Analytics

  • LinkedIn US: 109,511
  • LinkedIn World: 262,011

Google Analytics

  • LinkedIn US: 112,734
  • LinkedIn World: 287,251


  • LinkedIn US: 472,413
  • LinkedIn World: 820,679


  • LinkedIn US: 91,015
  • LinkedIn World: 175,740


  • LinkedIn US: 364,119
  • LinkedIn World: 952,253

Conversion Rate Optimization

  • LinkedIn US: 1,132
  • LinkedIn World: 2,248

“Landing Page Optimization”

  • LinkedIn US: 9,360
  • LinkedIn World: 22,512

“A/B Testing”

  • LinkedIn US: 10,558
  • LinkedIn World: 17,111


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