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Keyword Planner replaces Keyword Tool – what now?

You might have most likely noticed a lot about it: Google is going to shut down their own existing Keyword Tool anytime in the near future. The good news is, they are offering an alternative: a brand new tool named Adwords Keyword Planner. As you know, JNB Web Promotion Philippine SEO services uses Information from Google – so an essential question we will need to address is: what impact will this change have for our own clients?

Our company is pleased to annouce that we have been implementing this significant change for a number of months now and we’ve completed all we can that our clients won’t encounter any downtime.

What changes will JNB Web Promotion SEO services clients observe?

Generally there are Four main differences among the old Keyword Tool as well as the new Keyword Planner – but just 2 of these modifications will be noticable in JNB Web Promotion SEO services.

  • 1st Change: Match Types

These are the Three search volume styles you may possibly choose from when performing your keyword research: Broad, [Exact] along with “Phrase”. Google has taken out these match types in the brand new Keyword Planner. In upcoming, you’ll only notice the [Exact]-matched results.

This particular change has no impact in the JNB Web Promotion Search engine Optimization services as we’ve constantly only utilized [Exact]-match data.

  • 2nd Change: Monthly Searches

The previous Keyword Tool always showcased Global along with Local Monthly Searches. These 2 columns have been changed with just one “Average Monthly Searches” section.

By default, the previous Keyword Tool constantly shown searches from Desktop computer or Laptop devices. The brand new Keyword Planner tool’s “Average Monthly Searches” brings together searches from Desktop computer AND Mobile devices. This final results in most figures being slightly larger right now.

This modification will be visible in our Philippine SEO services- our “Monthly Searches” column will show the fresh data, which contains mobile devices.

  • 3rd Change: Cost-per-Click

The CPC Value – that will be the Cost per Click for Adwords Ads – is right now shown in a column named “Average CPC”. With respect to Google, the data exposed in the new column is more accurate than the old Keyword Tool.

This too will direct result in slightly different (and more exact) values in JNB Web Promotion.

  • 4th Change: Search Volumes by City

The outdated Keyword Tool permitted you to query search volumes through Country and Language. The brand new Keyword Planner allows you to research by specific regions and cities as well. This modification opens a brand new world of possibilities, of course! We’re definitely been working to see if we can utilize this new feature. Stay tuned with Philippine SEO company news.