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This is an SEO Tip for Philippine Affiliate Marketers:

In case you are not familiar with affiliate marketing, that is when an SEO creates high quality informational sites on specific topics and then earns money by including related products through an affiliate program like or etc. The SEO earns a percentage for each sale and has a check sent out ever month or every two weeks while the affiliate partner fulfills the order.

You may not be interested in Affiliate marketing but it is a nice way to begin building your skills and earning some passive cash flow.

Plus you have complete flexibility to choose to build the exact content on the exact topic that you want without any need to interface with customers or discuss how some client may insist things should be done.

Philippines seo specialists in affiliate marketing

From time to time I’d like to share a few of these types of tips with you on affiliate marketing, as there is quite a bit to gain from experience. I’m going to share with you a little known tip on how you can check the “health” of any affiliate program.