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Proper Anchor Text Circulation For Better Rankings

Some time ago after Google published their newly Penguin update, at JNB Web Promotion Philippine SEO company we researched for keywords, looking for linking as well ranking directly after the Google news. We have revisited our data after getting the needed updates; at that point we came to some interesting points regarding the best distribution for any anchor text to target higher rankings in the Google Index.

Naturally, Google doesn’t like web marketer’s playing around with their own algorithm. All web marketing experts knows that Google’s search results are simply a computer created algorithm – Some people still think that they have some people deciding which sites will have a better rankings and which pages don’t ;-).

The good news is that we always have ways to improve the rankings from our clients by aligning any website Google can find.


Is link building for a better rankings dead?

No, not at all, link building for ahigher rankings is surely not dead. Quality links will remain the primary source Google agree what pages rank where in their search index. Keep in mind that the network of links needs to be in a natural way and NOT ( as what so many SEO experts do) keyword focussed manner.

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