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The future of SEO in the Philippines Marketing world

How to Google proof your business forever…

The 4 Possible Disavows:

  • Sneaky
  • Evil
  • Blessed
  • Boring

The-Future-of-SEOThe sneaky Disavow is about Crowd sourcing spam detection.
The evil Disavow is about ratting and bombing
Papal dispensation? Is about spam, confess and spam again?
The boring Disaavow is about convenient for Google and a comfort to webmasters and very few useful scenarios.
Spam fighting is ready “Crowd sourced” is about grad students, engineers and computers.

  • Easy Internship
  • Graph Analysis
  • Spam clustering

Content Analysis such as:

    • Number of word in the page and title
    • Average word lenght
    • Fraction of visible text
    • Compresssion rate
    • Corpus precision and corpus recall
    • Queary precion and query recall
    • Independent trigram likelihood
    • Entropy of trigrams

Do you think you can trick Google?

      • Could you do it economically?
      • Negative works best (only)? in the absence of positive
      • Sites without enough positive are not worth Google’s concern
      • What works today in Google?
      • The same old guidelines
      • Practive has caught up with theory like links as “citations” and the “uniquely democratic nature on the web”.
      • Old linking vs. new linking
      • The “New SEO”
      • The old Web was about how to broadcast your business, the NEW Web is about the New Interactive Web, your visitors controlling the web. “Natural links” now actually exist with Social Media like Twitter, Facebook, feeds etc. This can be done via Mobile or internet.

The new shape of Google:

  • A walled garden
  • Surrounded by filters like the Panda, Penguin and countless unnamed others
  • Run the gauntlet to get the same oldalgo
  • he trick now is to make it all the way inside to the ivory tower….


Knowing the Core Algorithm

    • A group of features
    • A weighting for each
    • Compute a score of each page
    • aX + bY + cZ = R

<How the filters work

  • Offline feature extraction and scoring
  • Update new scores ( “Data refresh”)
  • Rank with additional factors
  • aX + bY + cZ + dQ +eR + fS + … = R

Bypassing Panda updates:

        • Absolutely no link schemes, links should be a surprise, not a request.
        • Restrict use of keyword links (see above).
        • Absolutely no “spinning” of content (human included).
        • Add author attribution to contentEscaping the penguin updates:
        • Apply the red pen
        • Add trust factors
        • Combine or remove repetitive content
        • Be careful of advertising

Understand keyword / Link stuffing (repeating the same words).

Sample trust factors:

  • Address and phone number
  • Clear whois
  • Spiderable content email
  • Clear whois
  • Privacy Policy (Like Google Adwords policy)
  • Clear whois

Real marketing rules:

The new SEO is about human concerns, the 1 ansawer to all SEO is:

      • “Just say no”…..
      • Do “Real” marketing

One Force Stronger than Google:

    • Human genetics
    • Marketing is Forever
    • Even Google must conform

What is the New “Natural” SEO?

      • Know your market
      • Find your voice
      • Attract engagement
      • Build for humans, not robots
      • Work smart, not hard

Guide to Dating “The Real Marketing”

      • Find a group
      • Listen first
      • Join the conversation
      • Segment your market
      • Track and increase engagement
      • Guide the interaction
      • Be the leader

Date your market

      • Join theconversation
      • Don’t stand on a bar stool and shout
      • Marketing is conversation
      • Be “Attractive”
      • Selling is just “Pickup”

How do you do that at the Web?

      • Your voice is YOUR Brand
      • “Me too” is just more noise
      • Noise is your opportunity
      • Be different ( in a good way)
      • Be a trusted resource
      • Provide real value

Engagement is the Start of Selling

      • Do you have a Twitter following?
      • A Facebook Fan Page?
      • A Blog
      • How much feedback are you getting?
      • What engagement metrics are you tracking?
      • Links is just One kind of engagement

The LAST Kind of Engagement

    • Followers
    • Mentions
    • “Word of Keyboard”
    • Traffic, Subscribers, comments, etc.
    • And (Finally!) “Natural” Links
    • Leverage Reality, Not Loopholes

Google is not your competition

              • Your competition is YOUR Competition!
              • Real business is ABout Leverage
              • Better marketing is Lower cost wins – Forever
              • Dont’t chase. Position!

Natural is as Natural Does

            • Human first
            • “Accommodate” the technology
            • The NEW SEO is almost “No SEO”

SEO is Mostly about Not Doing

          • Do not repeat your keywords in copy
          • Do not “optimize” your internal links
          • Do not “build links”
          • Do not request specific anchor text

Marketing is the doing part

        • Know your customer
        • Be a Brand
        • Attract an ausdience
        • Engage your market
        • Be better than the rest
        • The three Questions
        • Niche Sites
        • Affiliate Sites
        • The Future of SEO

Niche Marketing

      • Pick just one and lead it
      • “One in a Million” is still a big Business
      • Engagement goes up as you Niche down
      • The long tail is getting longer
      • Niche is what Google favors

Affiliate Marketing

      • It’s just “Low overhead E-commerce”
      • All the same rules apply
      • Market leaders are not just Affiliates
      • Do it for the right reasons

E-commerce sites

    • Yes, you really must rewrite your product description!
    • No, your “Store” is not enough
    • You need content….even if your product is “boring”
    • Every product is an information product


Case study 1

No job, new baby, first website

  • 29 visitors in first month
  • $2500 on LinkLib2
  • Quadrupled traffic in one month
  • 10,700 visitors a year later
  • Replaced, then doubled, his former Income
  • Published AUthor and Newspaper Columnist
  • SEO Consultant


Case study 2

  • 6 Figures in Sales in 2011
  • First half of 2012: Sow season up 300%
  • Estimate for year end: 500%-700% growth
  • Adsense paid for his “Link bundling”
  • $3000/Month in referral sales from “Link building”
  • Content is a profit center, not a cost


Case study 3

  • SEO Professional
  • Is 2012 the end of her business?
  • Kept all 24+ clients
  • All clients are growing
  • One link Lib process is the foundation of her client offer
  • Panda Cure verified with a “Twin Test”

SEO in 12-24 Months

  • More and stronger filers
  • Impossible to track real rankings
  • A continued blurring of Social and Search
  • A Further splintering of traffic sources
  • Market leadership as the only real marketing
  • Even Greater opportunity

Math vs. Marketing

  • Launched the Äge of math”
  • That age ended with Panda
  • The new Math of SEO is business Math

Marketing is the NEW SEO

  • Be ahead of the curve
  • Marketing is the Leading SEO string

Learn your market leadership NOW!

Marketing is the NEW SEO with Link liberation

  • Defining you persona
  • Building an audience
  • Putting it to practice
  • Creating the machine
  • Abstracting and blogging
  • Leverage the audience
  • Expanding your reach
  • Team building
  • SEO consulting
  • Guest blogging & outreach
  • Press and public relations

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