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Why you don’t rank for specific keywords?

Many internal SEO experts or in-house “SEO gurus” understand that their SEO constantly needs to defend those SEO methods, but they simply do not “get it right.” One of the most important things is to explain why a website is not showing up with their popular keywords. This does not seem important, how good the organic growth will be, if they do not see your number one for a specific keyword, then your search engine optimization (SEO) program does not work, right?

Try to ask just 4 things and explain to your team:

Does a keyword matter, even if there is a relationship?
They search for specific long tail and technical search terms, but as they continued keywords research, they might see the product of how they are described, but it is not the way potential customers are looking for! In fact, when you look deeper at the Google Keyword Planner Tool, you can see that these keywords has zero value in the Google search. This is an indication that just a few relevant visitors use this word, and us useless to track these terms. There is no limit in keyword rankings, but what does it mean to you when nobody is looking for your site?

Are you still looking for non-personalized search terms?
Every move you make in Google has been tracked, It knows what you search, you click and where you are, what kind of equipment you are using for that specific search. Google uses this information to personalize your results, it knows you are most likely interested in, if you always search from your PC, Google will adjust the results where your site falls in SERP. Sometimes, you might rank higher than you should be, because Google knows your ultimate target is a specific domain. Evaluate your keyword ranking, the best SEO strategy is the exact data in your Webmaster Tools. This is because it displays your average 1000 ranks in any given period of time.

Are you using broad keywords?
Broader keyword terms are more complicated to rank for, broad term might have many meanings. Let’s use the keyword “insurance” what does this mean to you? Auto insurance, Small business insurance, Medical insurance, life or home insurance? If you like to rank well for the keywords for a wide range of “insurance”, will take your hard work, because if someone finds you with Medical insurance, you have missed a sale or inquiry, because you are not specific enough for the search term and targeted visitors. Read more about how to manage your SEO team to get the best rankings and conversions