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Good Web Design And Customer Engagement

If there was ever a logical or self-evident observation about the Internet it’s that it is a really big place. The last estimate of how many websites there are on the Internet came up with a number that staggers the imagination. It is estimated that there are well over 3 billion web sites out there. Of course many of these sites are no longer active, but this is offset by the many new sites that are becoming active every day. For the business owner this means that the website established by their company has to really shine if they want to have their voice heard over the noise of the rest of the Internet.

Firstly the business should work closely with a content marketer and SEO specialist. These experts will provide content that is both embedded in the website and not viewed by the visitor (such as meta tags). Secondly they will provide a strategy for the content that can be viewed on-site and in some cases downloaded by the site visitor. This sort of content is shared among social media users and can increase the reach of the business dramatically.

Then there is the design of the site itself. Navigation should be simple and the unique selling proposition or value proposition of the company should be prominent on the landing page and allow the visitor to access relevant information immediately. Failure to do so will result in a high bounce rate, which means site visitors will stop by for only seconds before leaving the site without engaging with the content.

The site also needs to have both calls to action which motivate the visitor to engage with the company or its brands. Ideally this should be the start of the sales conversation and with this step the company is well-positioned to begin a long-lasting brand relationship.

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