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Philippine web design company tips

Would it be appropriate for you to set up a page on your site
listing a glossary of terms for your industry?

Think about it. It might be something you want to consider for your next Philippine web design.

Philippine web design company


Don’t forget about vertical engines and directories when considering places to submit your site to increase your site’s visibility and possibly link popularity.

Here’s a tip on misspellings for your Philippine web design

You are probably aware that Wordtracker has a feature for checking the most common misspells in their Members area.

Social Media tool called Klout

Have you tried the Social Media tool called Klout yet? Klout has a new changes coming and some highly-requested new features coming over the next few weeks. Come join me through the link below. It’s free and you can measure your level of influence with your readers for the specific topics you are interested in writing about.