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Internal link weight

An internal link is an in-coming link from within your own site and although it does not have as much weight as an external in-coming link, it still can help.

The Google PR of your internal pages help with internal linking and, therefore, the way you pass and distribute Google PR throughout your site via absolute vs. relative URLs does have a small influence
on ranking.

It is always still important to link within your own site in a way that makes sense to your visitors and not just with search engines in mind only.

Philippine SEO newsGoogle Trends

Have you ever wanted to see relative search volume over time plus some demographics on Google? With Google Trends you can compare multiple phrases by entering several phrases separating the words/phrases by using a comma.

Pay Per Click

On the topic of Pay Per Click, remember that there are advantages to using PPC such as Google Adwords. But also consider diversifying your campaigns. Remember that you are not “buying a link” but you are displaying an advertisement.

PPC is not SEO because it is “paid advertising.” but it can compliment your SEO work nicely so long as you are measuring the exact results and determine you cost per click and cost per lead.

In your next SEO Tip tomorrow I will send you an alternative to traditional PPC where you can purchase small ads and display them across thousands of Web sites in every type of category. From business, news and reference sites to health, travel and entertainment type sites. More tips from JNB Web Promotion – Pay Per Click compared to Search Engine Optimization