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Social Media Myths that doesn’t work

Social media is big and the latest news in the Philippines business world. If you run a company, mane times you feel overwhelmed by what you heard or see or read, but how to get ahead with all this social media? The good news is that it not that hard and what you think it is, just ignore some of the buzz or hypes, just focus a few things that make your website difference from your competitors.

I explain below some social media myths that you think that are complicated to understand you simply can safely ignore…

  • MYTH #A. Is it all about the numbers?
  • MYTH #B. Do you think it’s all about engaging customers?
  • MYTH #C. Does your webmasters or programmers it’s all about Facebook and Twitter?
  • MYTH #D. Do you need to do all Social Media yourself?
  • MYTH #E. Does your team to do a Lot of time and effort to work on the New SEO and Social Media?


Yes, it takes some time and effort, but you don’t have to spend hours a day on social media.
Just make a realistic task for yourself.

But do your task consistency. Creating an online platform is a base. Create your online reputation smoothly, develop a strong online reputation that boosts your business.
John Bertrand is an Internet coach for speakers, trainers, consultants and other business professionals. Remember, Philippine SEO is NOT dead, it has changed! Find more about The future of SEO in the Philippines Marketing world.