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Did you know that your Home page automatically carries a more importance by default? After all its the main page of your site? Good keywords, good web design and professorial LSI content will always increase conversions.

The purpose of your Home page to grab the readers’ attention and help them find information quickly and easily. If your home page lacks facts or is confusing, your visitors will click off before they ever get a chance to know you. Match the titles of your link text to that of the page you are linking to. Review the sites you are linking to and see what
is listed in their title text. Include some of the keyword phrases that they use in their title with your link text.

Philippine web design company seo

Blogs together with your Philippine web design

Blogs that are continually being updated on a steady consistent basis will get much more activity and interactivity than a Blog that only gets updated once a month.

It will get spidered more often and more deeply just based on being frequently updated.

What other ideas can you come up with for improving readership and response to your Blog?

Contests are ideal for Blogs because of the frequent interaction between Bloggers. Also remember the Human Interest Angle is Powerful. Especially when you’re publishing true stories from your readers.

If you were to create a contest on your Blog, think about ways to maximize input from your readers. Want more SEO tips?